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Tech Tools to Boost Business

by Ben White, Director 17. May 2013 08:01

It is no secret that nearly everyone has been affected by the rough economic times and as we all know, it is a cyclical process that influences both consumers and proprietors. It is during these times that out of necessity we turn to new methods to enhance a spiraling business environment. One of the most accessible avenues to reach the consumer public in this modern age is through technology. “Shop from home, save gas.” “Spend $50, receive free shipping.” More and more these simple gimmicks work to reach the public and entertain their interest in the user world.

For businesses, the easiest format to reach the online world is through a website. Whether simple or complex in design, a website can reach even the lesser tech savvy crowds. However, with a more complex design and easy to navigate features, a website can become a great tool to enhance your existing business and including interactive tools and advanced features to help guide purchasing online. The most basic necessity to a website is keeping it up-to-date and revised with new information or products. It is important to note upcoming promotions through an online calendar and an added bonus is posting customer comments to promote your quality of goods and services. To further advise a business in their website design, owners can utilize website tracking and usage analysis tools to track web viewers and trends.

The next step in technological communication beyond simplistic email comes in the form of an E-newsletter. Businesses can format these e-newsletters to suit their needs and market. They can be used to showcase new merchandise, advertise promotions, or recreate a connection to prior clients. Furthermore, e-newsletters can be mailed to web addresses businesses have attained at a personal level or purchased via online marketing companies to expand their market.

Another element in the web era is networking, and necessarily in the traditional meet-and-greet format. There are many networking websites that businesses can take advantage of to increase their web traffic and online inquiries. Although MySpace has been traditionally promoted to the younger age categories, this age group is the upcoming consumer market so why not advertise on their level. Facebook is another avenue that allows you to reach out to both prior and potential customers and also lets your post upcoming information or merchandise to rouse interest. Above all, these networking websites are free and very easy to navigate.

A final stride in reaching the tech world is through visual representation. Just as the above networking websites are free, YouTube and other online video and photo galleries are also free and great marketing tools. Online video advertisements of a business, an event, or even merchandise serve as a free online commercial. Online photo albums can be used in much of the same way and at no cost to the business. Not to mention, you can easily add links to these resources from the business website.

The web world only has to be as complicated as one makes it so use it to your advantage. By accessing free tools, drum up some new, or existing, clientele to help your business through the tough economic times. Ingenuity often comes through necessity so make the most of a rough situation by learning a new set of tech skills and boosting your business at the same time.

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