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Mad Toppers, Downtown Chillicothe's Newest Restaurant!

by Ben White, Director 6. August 2018 16:11

Main Street Chillicothe welcomes Mad Toppers to our downtown Main Street family.  The restaurant is owned by Mickey and Chrisi Criner.  They have three daughters, Jaime, age 19 who attends college at Northwest Missouri State University;  Madeline, age 17, will be starting her senior year at Chillicothe High School, and Emily, age 11 will be going to Chillicothe Middle School. Mad Toppers is located at 455 Locust Street, Chillicothe, MO, across the street from the library. 
The Criners moved to this area from Flagstaff, Arizona seven years ago to be closer to Mickey’s mother, Sandy Rowland, who had moved from the state of Arizona ahead of Mickey and Chrisi. 
The Criners are “Foodies” and they felt there was a need for good food made from scratch in their area. Never being in the restaurant business, their new venture was the purchase and opening of the Chula Bar and Grill in 2015.  Chrisi stated that learning the business came through trial and error by finding out what worked and what didn’t.  Currently, their Chula business is closed and undergoing renovation but will be reopening around Halloween of this year.
Because of the success of the Chula Bar and Grill, they wanted to expand into the Chillicothe market. When looking at available spaces, they fell in love with the Winkelmeyer Building.  In mid-April of 2018 they started making the building theirs.  Most of the work has been done by Mickey and Chrisi. They had a soft opening on the night of our May 18th wine walk.  The art work on the wall as you enter the inside has been done by the Criner’s two oldest daughters, Jaime and Madeline. They will be able to change out the art work from time to time. When asking Chrisi how they came up with the name Mad Toppers, she stated “we wanted a name that represented our food and we are crazy about our toppings”.   
For the Chillicothe location, Mickey’s and Chrisi’s first thought was to serve pizza only, (home of the 28” pizza) but the demand for serving more of their Chula foods has been great so they are meeting those requests.  On Mondays they will be serving the one half pound hamburger, made to order. Currently they are serving wings with 4 different sauces, which will eventually be part of their buffet, and the Chula tenderloin is soon to be introduced.  In 7-10 days they will be receiving their liquor license. Mickey said they will be serving a wide variety of craft beers.
Mad Toppers will be expanding their hours, Monday – Saturday will be open 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. and on Sundays, 11 a.m. – 12 am. .  
A question was posed  to Mickey asking if a person came to talk to them about wanting to start a restaurant and had no prior experience, what would he say to them?  His response: “Keep family first and don’t overdo yourself.  If you try to do too much early on, you will burn yourself out. Big menus all at once not good.” Crisi added, “Listen to people’s comments and reviews, good or bad," “Should there be a not so favorable comment on their Facebook page, they will talk to their staff, and respond to the customer”.
Main Street Chillicothe welcomes the Criner family and their restaurant, Mad Toppers to Chillicothe, with wishes for much success.


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