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by Ben White, Director 28. August 2019 08:41

What a whirlwind of a quarter! This time of year is filled with such color and vibrancy downtown, and it's always amazing to see the crowds of people enjoying all of the different businesses and amenities.

We've had some amazing successes just in the past quarter. Much of the work in the Kelly Poling Arts District has been completed with hanging lights and other small amenities on the way. You may have noticed the test strand already up; look for more to come in the upcoming months! We look forward to the continued revitalization of this corridor of Locust Street. 

We received word that we are semi-finalists for 4 state Main Street awards, which will be announced at the annual Main Street conference on July 25th. Those four categories are: Best Large-Scale Project: Purchase and Renovation of 504 Washington St.; Heritage Travel Award: Sliced Bread Day; Outstanding Community Education Campaign: Historic Preservation; and Volunteer of the Year: Kelly Poling. We are excited to honor these four nominees! 

The newest mural was completed and plans for the 2020 mural are already underway. Also, be on the lookout for a facade renovation coming to the Edward Jones building in the next few weeks that will breathe new life into this beautiful building. 

As always, support local business and shop downtown. There's a lot downtown has to offer, so come out and explore! 


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